Individual Disarmament

The Extent of Individual Armament

Individual arms threaten public health: death, injury and mutilation. Averages of 4500 persons are murdered by individual arms every year in our country. Public health workers and medical authorities in the world propose that this problem may also be solved with the methods that were successful in campaigns against public health problems (smoking, hygiene for health etc.). World Health Organization proposes restriction of access to firearms amongst the top 3 precautions that shall be taken.


Join the Campaign Against Individual Armament

  • To develop awareness for being a "Responsible Citizen" in terms of being a creative, interactive, constructive person who likes to present an opinion, and likes to discuss and being discussed amongst individuals and especially young people.
  • To create awareness for "Individual Disarmament" by drawing attention to the pain caused by individual armament and insensible use or arms, which are rapidly increasing in our country.
Participating in the campaign
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