28 September Individual Disarmament Day

The Meaning of Individual Disarmament Day

“Individual armament” is defined as the equipment of the individuals living in a society with the firearms without an ideology. There is no question of organization in individual armament. Armament of states against each other or for defensive purposes is not considered within the cover of "Individual Armament". 

Umut Foundation aims to raise our young who would assure our future as individuals as individuals with consciousness of citizenship, who had embraced the supremacy of law, who are conscious against environmental and humanity, who prefer peaceful methods in the resolution of conflicts. In accordance with this purpose, various activities are organized in the same day every year in order to create awareness for individual disarmament and to have September 28th accepted as the World Individual Disarmament Day. Each year, "Walk of The Silent Shoes" is organized in order to allow ten thousands of citizens who become victims of individual guns each year to have their voices heard. This is a street activity where people who lost their beloved with individual guns and who are against individual armament.

"Walk of The Silent Shoes"

This activity is organized by Umut Foundation every year as a repetition of the protest of the persons who had lost their beloved ones with individual arms that is performed in front of the building during the Firearms Conference organized by United Nations in New York in July 18th, 2001. 

Walk of The Silent Shoes:
Persons who had lost their lives with an individual arm do not have the chance to have their word and protest against this anymore. On behalf of them, their relatives and friends leave their shoes on a carpet and these shoes make a symbolical walk and express their silent protest with this walk.

Red Carpet:
Represents the violence and ferocity that occur due to the Individual Armament.

Flowers are put on the carpet as a remembrance of the victims...