Aim of Establishing Umut Foundation

Aim of Establishing Umut Foundation

“To empower our youth, who are the safeguard of the future, with qualities and skills fit for leadership which enable them to follow the path of Atatürk’s teachings, thus assisting them to take part in the development of our country and to be benefical to humankind; to help them internalize the supremacy of law and contribute to the application of it; to encourage them to favor peaceful means in resolving conflicts, following the dictum
 “Peace at Home, Peace in the World” set by our leader Atatürk; and in this context to teach them skills of peacemaking, peacekeeping and peacebuilding.”

Reasons of Foundation Establishment

This Foundation has been established to commemorate and to perpetuate the memory of the four deceased children of the Dedeman and Önal families. They were our grandchildren, children, brothers and sister. Their names – BERNAUMUTONUR and ONDER – make up the name, “Umut Onurlu Önderler Vakfı”, and symbolize the objectives of the Foundation.


Umut means hope. Umut is fantasy, expectation, longing. Umut is protecting what is good and longing for betterment. The common hope of mankind is to free itself of chaos and to reach harmony. Harmony is possible only when individuals are at peace and develop in peace. In other words, our hope is to establish a dignified life and transfer it to future generations.

To commemorate and perpetuate the memory of Umut is to keep alive the peace loving nature, the optimism, and the constructiveness that symbolize him.

This is one of the aims of the Foundation.


Onur means dignity. Onur is the criterion of peace in honor; it is the compass of development that does not deviate from justice and freedom. Human dignity is synonymous with the internalization of the supremacy of law and the continuous preservarion an enhancement of law. It is the assurance that brute power and chaos do not flourish as they often do in societies where law is incomplete or ineffective, inhibiting individuals from leading a dignified life. Societal harmony is established through the internatization and enforcement of the supremacy of law.

To commemorate and perpetuate the memory of Onur is made possible by cultivating youths having faith in the supremacy of law, preserving and improving the right to peacei the right to development, the right of environment including the preservation of nature.

This is one of the objectives of the Foundation.


Onder means leader. Onder gives hope, unites and mobilizes the masses around hope. Onder is the one who can generate shared goals; who has the power and the skills to shape the hopes of the masses. When confronted with problems, rather than feeling helpless, Onder is the one who is able to produce and implement creative solutions. Onder personifies hope and dignity.

To commemorate and to perpetuate the memory of Onder, is to cultivate dignified leaders who harbor a longing for equitable development, for freedom and peace, and who can convert this hope into actions for the benefit of humankind with a firm belief in the supremacy of law.


Berna is a name of Persian origin meaning young and full of life.

The Foundation focuses mainly on youth, and will undertake activities to enrich the lives of coming generations. Our mission is to support young people as they acquire the strength, knowledge and skills needed in assuming leadership roles in their attempt to uphold the dignity of humankind.

To commemorate and perpetuate the memory of Berna is made possible by increasing such attempts and ensuring that these endeavors are effective in the national and international arena.