Umut Foundation is exempted from paying tax by virtue of decision no.2009/15558 that was made on 12/10/2009 by the Ministers Committee.

Categories of Our Sponsorships

Official Sponsorship:

Organisations covered by this category are those supporting Umut Foundation and they are entitled to carry this title during one year. Names and images of official sponsors are used in all activities. The aforementioned organisations are classified as official carrier, official bank, official hotel, etc., of Umut Foundation in accordance with type of sectors.

Sponsorship for Activity:

Organisation in this category is the main sponsor of an activity. Its name and image appear in all channels related with activity (printed material, media, and peripheral equipment). “Activity Sponsorship” title can be used for one calendar year.

Media Sponsorship:

All advertisement campaigns for Umut Foundation are performed in the scope of this sponsorship category. Media Sponsorship divided as Press, TV, Magazine and Radio is basically a contribution based on the principle of publication of announcements for Umut Foundation for free. Media Sponsors carry out sponsorship duty for all activities to be organised during one year. 

Service Sponsorship:

Organisations providing services to be rendered by Umut Foundation for free are categorised under Service Sponsorship.

For project-based/corporate sponsorship, please call: 0212 337 2992;