The Foundation Logo: Seagulls

As we know, the dove is the symbol of peace. The reason that the logo of a Foundation where the idea of peace is central, is not the dove but the sea gull, is that the establishment of peace is not the sole aim of the Foundation. “Peace” most frequently is taken to mean the “attainment of peace – peacemaking”; thus it becomes a limited concept. The aim of the Foundation is peacekeeping, and most pivotally peacebuilding-development in peace – as well as peacemaking, and assisting in the formation of future leaders who have internalized these values.

That the sea gull embodies all the above aims was suggested by our youth. According to them, the sea gull is indicative of the purity of white, of being innocent, of optimism, and of the longing for happiness, for being at peace with oneself and with nature. Furthermore, the sea gull is the bearer of good news and of enrichment, which in turn symbolize freedom, self actualization, and self reliance.

The sea gull bears the responsibility of freedom to choose, to be the architect of one’s life, awakening, ridding oneself of monotony, metamorphosis, and the joyful success of developing in peace and solidarity.

Most prominent of all, the sea gull is the symbol of dynamism and courage for boundless expeditions with the solace of awareness that one’s nest, one’s “land”, is where one’s roots are.

Four Sea Gulls

And thus, the logo of the Foundation: Four sea gulls challenging the limits of ascendance. The sea gulls are the symbols for our four children, Berna, Umut, Onur and Onder, and for their expectations from us. Our endeavor is to disseminate, though flying sea gulls, those expectations to youths all over the world; to help youth commit themselves and become the “Umut” of the world.