Research Center

The purpose of the center is to ensure that the understanding of supremacy of law and constitutional state and democratic understanding described in the article 3 of settlement deed for Umut Foundation prevail, to present and develop scientific methods for reconciliation in terms of science and art of peace and reconciliation, to perform studies on the resolution of problems and conflicts with reconciliation and understanding, organizing education and training, making researches, organizing scientific meetings and publishing literature on all related and relevant areas as per its purpose and subjects of service. Center performs the following activities in order to achieve its goal:

  • Making theoretical and applied researches,
  • Developing, applying and reporting projects,
  • Participating with public institutions and organizations in Turkey, other non-governmental organizations, international public and private institutions and organizations in the context of these projects,
  • Developing and applying training programs and content,
  • Publishing books, magazines, booklets and similar, organizing programs in printed and visual press,
  • Performing other activities determined by the Executive Board.