Our mission

It is to contribute to the growth of our youth who are the guarantee of our future as individuals, believing in the rule of law, relying on justice, working out disagreements through conciliation and peaceful means, and shouldering awareness of citizenship and responsibility.

Our vision

Umut Foundation;

The Umut Foundation realizes education and campaigns besides academic works as regards the rule of law, peace and conciliation, awareness of citizenship, violence and individual disarmament as citizens knowing, requesting and implementing their rights and responsibilities, in order to spend their lives befitting to human honor, to leave our children with a world which the culture of nonviolence and peace is overriding. The Umut Foundation carries out work to mold public opinion, informing and raising awareness.

The Umut Foundation is in interaction and communication with all the sectors of the society by adopting the interdisciplinary point of view. It informs the society regularly about the work.

For a sustainable, peaceful and high quality social life which can be constituted with the concept of active and participatory citizenship, the participation of all the individuals and institutions, it aims the following:

  • To draw attention to the danger of individual armament for a society without violence, to develop solution offers and to place pressure regarding their implementation,
  • To contribute to the development of “awareness of citizenship” with education, meetings and other works,
  • To develop a national and international network and cooperation,
  • To be the source of information in the topics it is working; to be the reference in the determination of social policies and strategies