Individual Weapons Caused Events

1 People buy guns for protections, hunting or just for curiosity.
2 It is difficult to hide them at home.
3 Children may find and play with the guns.
3-a It is easy to use them when you are angry.
3-b People use them to fire up in the air when celebration something.
4 Result:Death or injury…

Guns that are acquired to protect yourselves
or your relatives are 


pointed at someone that you love.

Guns don‘t protect, it has only one function


Why Disarmament?

Its Social Cost is annually $ 5 billion   Average Period for Registered Guns to Involve in Crimes is 6 years   Turkey Ranks on the 14th Place Among 178 Countries for Armament
  • According to a research, it was estimated that the cost of 12,000 gun violence incidents in 2005 was about $ 100 billion annually (Gun Violence:The Real Costs; Philip J. Cook).
  • When this research is applied to the murder cases in Turkey, annual social cost is estimated as $ 5 billion.
  • Same research indicates that it does not matter whether guns are registered or unregistered to involve in crimes.
  • It is calculated that the average period for registered guns to involve in crimes is 5.7 years.
  • Guns fulfill their sole function, which is “killing” - whether they are registered or not.