Youth Law Symposium Series - the first "State of Law Personal Safety"

 Foundation Research Center
Series of Symposium on the Youth of the Law - 1
“Personal Security in the State of Law”
March 20-21, 2009, Ankara

The aim of the mentioned symposium series is to constitute a platform that will allow the youth of the law who will be the law enforcement officers in the future to discuss and to share their various opinions in order the belief in the rule of law and in the possibility of solving conflicts by peaceful means strengthens. The title of this year symposium is “Personal Security in the State of Law”
The scope of the symposium: 
On the subject “Personal Security in the State of Law”, studies that will analyze the situation of Turkey from the point of view of interdisciplines; that will compare it with the situation and implementations of other countries; and that will move in discipline areas such as sociology, law, philosophy, communication, cultural studies, social psychology, forensic medicine, criminology, social history are anticipated. The geographical area is limited throughout Turkey; however, comparisons with international samples are regarded. The symposium’s language is Turkish.
In this context, the studies related to the titles and subjects listed below will be considered, however the studies won’t be limited to these titles. Other titles correlated to the subject will be evaluated by the Science and Referee Board.
1.       Individual armament and personal security
2.       Gender and personal security
3.       State of law and personal security
4.       Social movements and personal security
5.       Migration and personal security
6.       Poverty and personal security
7.       Anthropologically personal security
8.       Media and personal security
Who can participate to the symposium?
·         Undergraduate students studying in areas such Law, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, Cultural Studies, Economics and Administrative Science, Forensic Medicine
·         Graduated students (except of doctoral students) who are in departments related to law and disciplines adjacent to law in the programs of the Institute of Social Sciences
·         Intern attorneys
·         Intern judges and Intern prosecutors can participate to the symposium with the statement they will prepare.

Location: Ankara
Ankara University Law Faculty 
Mahmut Esat Bozkurt Conference Hall
Cebeci Kampusu Ankara

The participation conditions of the symposium, the participation form and other information and documents about the statement’s format may be found at the web address:

In order to participate to the symposium, the candidates should send the summary of their statements limited to 150-200 words and five key words related to their subject with their e-mail and a short CV to or   before December 18th, 2008.
Those who want to participate to the symposium can fill the Application Form on the Web address and sent it via fax or e-mail address specified below before December 18th, 2008.
A book constituted of the statements introduced will be published
The statements submitted to the symposium will be evaluated and the best statements’ owners will be awarded
Important days about the symposium:
The deadline of sending abstracts : 19 December 2008
Announcement of accepted papers : 29 December 2008
The deadline to send the statements’ full text: March 2, 2009
The symposium date: March 20-21, 2009
Accommodation and Transportation:
The accommodation and transportation expenses of the statement owners will be met by the Symposium Regulatory Board.
Details about the symposium can be followed from the web address:
Please don’t hesitate to call for details about the symposium:
Umut Vakfı Araştırma Merkezi
Yıldız Posta Caddesi, 52 Esentepe 34340 İstanbul - Türkiye
Tel: 0212 337 29 93 Fax: 0212 288 66 75
Barış GÜNAYDIN Mobile: (533) 745 97 25
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