Youth Law Symposium Series - 4 "Literature and the Law"

About the Symposium
Umut Foundation Research Center
4th Series of Symposiums for Youths of Law
“Literature and Law”
The Three Kemal’s of our Literature
Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir, Yaşar Kemal
In their Stories and Novels
Law and Justice

The symposium series in which a different topic will be handled every year, is aiming to create a platform with the goal of faith in the superiority of law and problems being solved in a peaceful manner being strengthened, by bringing together youths of law who will become the law implementers of the future and allowing them to discuss and share their different points of view. 
The title of this years symposium is “Literature and Law” / The Three Kemal’s of Literature / Law and Justice in Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir, Yaşar Kemal’s Novels”.  

Symposium announcement topics:
The topic of "Literature and Law”, is looking at how the subject of “Law and Justice” has been handled in the stories and novels of our literature’s three masters Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir and Yaşar Kemal in an interdisciplinary view and it is the search of the similar, separate and differing law and justice understandings being present or not within the novels and stories.  In other words, it is the success of being able to describe the way that our three masters of literature looked at justice and law in their novels and stories during their period of history and how their understanding has reflected in the law and justice of today with literature and law. 
We want to try to understand, put our thoughts down on paper, to explain and discuss all together how law came together with literature or literature with justice and the characters our three literature masters Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir and Yaşar Kemal have added to our lives and the people they have created within their masterpieces. 
Let’s discuss together how “law and justice” has been described in a novel we choose, some or all of these novels and let’s talk about how it was lived through, the pain suffered, happiness, resentment, anger, hope, love, romance and heroism on this land reflected in these novels and stories of our three masters of literature and lets find solutions in this symposium. 
The language of the symposium will be Turkish. 
Only novels and stories of Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir and Yaşar Kemal can be chosen. Evaluation will be done for only one of our authors. If it is wanted, the work of our three authors can be evaluated together, compared and evaluated together with one another. 
In this context, in order to give an idea on announcement titles; In the three Kemals’, Orhan Kemal, Kemal Tahir and Yaşar Kemal, novels and works; 
1. How is the concept of law and justice portrayed? 
2. Can you create a connection between the understanding of law and justice in the novels and real life law and justice? 
3. What purpose does literature serve in law and justice? 
No doubt that the announcements’ and headings will not be restricted to these questions. 
Other headings and announcements relating to the topic will be evaluated by the Jury.

Who can attend the symposium:
Students of the Faculty of Law and disciplines related to law (Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, Cultural Studies, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Forensic Sciences, etc.)
Post-Graduate students in Social Sciences Institute Programs found in Law and departments related to disciplines in law (Excluding PhD students) 
Intern Lawyers
Interning Judges and Intern Prosecutors with their prepared announcements can attend.
Place: Ankara Faculty of Law, Mahmut Esat Bozkurt Hall

MEMBERS OF THE JURY (in alphabetical order by surname):
Dr. Ayhan Akcan – Psychiatrist, Umut Foundation Board of Directors Member
Prof. Dr. Füsun Sokullu Akıncı, University of Istanbul, Crime and Crime Court of Law Department
Ahmet CEMAL, Columnist in the Newspaper Cumhuriyet
Nazire DEDEMAN ÇAĞATAY – Umut Foundation Founding President 
Law. Fikret İLKİZ – Umut Foundation Trustee and Board of Directors Member
Işık ÖĞÜTÇÜ, Founder of Museum of Orhan Kemal
Assoc. Dr. Gülriz UYGUR, Head of Faculty  of Law, Law Philosophy and Sociology Department, University of Ankara
A. Ömer TÜRKEŞ, Critic
Celal ÜSTER – Culture Service Chief of the newspaper Cumhuriyet
Assoc. Dr. Saim ÜYE, Head of Faculty  of Law, Law Philosophy and Sociology Department, University of Ankara

Important Information:
Participation conditions, participant form and information and documents related to the announcement format for the announcement owners of the Symposium can be found on the website
It is necessary for the 150-200 words individual announcement summaries and five key words about the topic, the participants’ CV’s and e-mail addresses to be submitted to the address until 5:30pm of the 28th June 2013, Friday in order to participate in the Symposium.
There will be work towards creating an e-book made up of announcements of the symposium.
The announcements presented at the symposium will be evaluated and the best ones will receive awards.
Important dates relating to the symposium:
Deadline for announcement summaries: 5:30pm, 28th June 2013, Friday
Deadline for the full document of announcements: 5:30pm, 30th October 2013, Wednesday 
Date of Symposium: 28-29th November 2013  

Accommodation and Transport: 
The transport and accommodation expenses of the owners of announcements will be covered by the Symposium Regulatory Board.
Youths of Law Symposium, Full Document Writing Principles:

Example Full Document:
Please do not hesitate to call the following number for details on the symposium:
Umut Foundation Research Center 
Yıldız Posta Caddesi, No: 48 Kat:9 Esentepe 34340 İstanbul – Turkey
Tel: 0212 337 29 93 (FREE OF CHARGE) 0212 288 66 75
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