Youth Law Symposium Series - 3 "Philosophy of Law"

Umut Foundation Research Center

3rd Youth of Law Symposium Series

"Philosophy of Law"

Akdeniz University Faculty of Law

Conference Hall

11 – 12 October 2012 | Antalya


With the aims of strengthening of the belief for superiority of law and resolving problem amicably, serial of symposium within which a different subject will be discussed every year aims to establish a platform that will provide an opportunity for the youths of law who will be the implementer of law to come together discuss and to share different opinions.

The topic for this year’s symposium is "Philosophy of Law".

Symposium paper Subjects:

To analyze the situation in Turkey with interdisciplinary topics in the subject of "Philosophy of Law", to compare it with the conditions and applications on various countries; moving in disciplinary areas such as sociology, law, philosophy, communication, cultural studies, social psychology, forensic sciences, criminology and social history in expected. The geographic area is limited to Turkey; but comparison of international examples is strongly recommended. The functional language of the symposium will be Turkish.

The subjects listed hereunder will be taken into consideration to provide opinions regarding paper topics, but the topics will not be limited to the ones provided hereunder. Other topics related to the subject will also be evaluated by the Science and Judge Board.

1. Why is Philosophy of Law necessary for justice?

2. Punishment Law and Philosophy

3. What is the benefit of Philosophy of Law?

4. Philosophy of Law and Ethics

5. Human Rights and Philosophy of Law

6. Human Pride and Philosophy of Law


Who may participate in the symposium:

• Bachelor’s students in Faculty of Law and other disciplines related to Law (Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, Cultural Studies, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Forensic Sciences, etc.)

• Graduate school students (excluding PhD students) in the Law programs offered in the Institute of Social Sciences and other relative disciplines

• Intern lawyers

• Intern judges and intern prosecutors will be able to participate with their papers.

Location: Akdeniz University Faculty of Law Conference Hall

Science and Law Board (in alphabetic order based on last name)

Dr. Ayhan AKCAN, Psychiatrist, member of Board of Directors in Umut Foundation

Prof.Dr. Füsun SOKULLU AKINCI, Istanbul University Punishment and criminal Court Law Field

Nazire DEDEMAN ÇAĞATAY, Umut Vakfı Founder President

Lawyer Zafer KÖKEN, Antalya Law Association President

Lawyer Mustafa Murat BİLGİN, Antalya Law Association General Secretary

Av. Fikret İLKİZ, Umut Foundation Trustee and Member of Board of Directors

Lawyer Filiz KERESTECİOĞLU, Manager of Editorial Department in Güncel Hukuk Magazine

Prof. Dr. Hayrettin ÖKÇESİZ, Akdeniz University Faculty of Law, faculty member of Philosophy of Law and Sociology Department

Prof. Dr. Muharrem KILIÇ, Akdeniz University, Dean of Faculty of Law, President of Department of Philosophy of Law and Sociology

Important Information

Those submitting papers shall be able to access symposium participation conditions, participation form and information and documents regarding paper format from the following

In order to participate in the symposium, the participants must send an outline of their paper including 150-200 words and five key words related to the subject along with a short CV and their e-mail address to until August 8, 2012 at the latest.

Those interested in participation in the symposium may fill out the Participation Form available in the website and fax it or e-mail it to the aforementioned e-mail address until August 8, 2012.

An e-book including papers submitted to the symposium will be created.

The papers submitted to the symposium will be evaluated and the best ones will be rewarded.

Important dates regarding the symposium:

The deadline to send paper outlines: Wednesday, August 08, 2012

• The deadline to submit the complete text of the papers : Friday, October 05, 2012

• Symposium Date: 11-12 October 2012

Accommodation and Transportation:

Accommodation and transportation costs of those submitting papers will be compensated for by the Symposium Organization Board.

Principals regarding Writing a Complete Text for the Youths of Law Symposium: 

Sample Complete Text: 


Please don’t hesitate to call to learn about the details related to the symposium:

Umut Vakfı Araştırma Merkezi (Umut Foundation Research Center)

Yıldız Posta Caddesi, No: 48 Kat:9 Esentepe 34340 Istanbul - Turkey

Tel: 0212 337 29 93 Fax: 0212 288 66 75 

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