Youth Law Symposium Series - 2 "The Role of Law in breaking the cycle of violence"

Umut Vakfı Research Center
Yuongsters of Law Symposium Series- 2
“Role of Law in Breaking Violence Cycle”
Ankara Law Association
Conference Room
November 25-26, 2011, ANKARA


Goal: The symposium series that discuss different subjects every year aims at creating a platform in which the youngsters, who will be those applying the laws in future, may come together to discuss different ideas and share their opinions with an aim at  strengthening the believes regarding superiority of law and solving conflicts with a peaceful method. 
Title of this year’s symposium is  "Role of Law in Braking Violence Cycle".
Symposium document subjects: 
Position of Turkey with respect to "Role of Law in Breaking Violence Cycle" shall be analyzed while considering different views between disciplines and it shall be compared to applications and situations in different countries; it is expected that disciplines such as sociology, law, philosophy, communication, cultural studies, social psychology, forensic sciences, criminology and social history will be considered when looking in to different points of view between disciplines. The geographical area is limited to Turkey; However, comparisons with international examples may also be used. The Symposium shall be presented in Turkish.
In this regard the following subjects shall be considered in negotiations of opinions in the scope pf document subjects, but the titles shall not be limited to the ones mentioned hereunder. Other titles related to the subject shall be evaluated by the Scientists and juries.
1. Individual Armament and violence 2. Social gender and Violence 3. Government of Law and Violence 4. Social moves and Violence 5. Power and violence 6. Poverty and violence 7. Violence from Anthropological View 8. Media and violence 9. Hatred Crimes and violence
Those that may participate in the symposium:
• Students in Faculty of Law or disciplines related to law (Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication, Cultural Studies, Economy and Administrative Studies, Forensic Sciences, etc.) Bachelor students
• Graduate school students studying in programs related to Law and similar disciplines in Social Sciences Institute Programs (excluding doctorate students)
• Lawyers in training
• Doctors in training and Public Prosecutors in Training may participate with their notifications.
Location: Ankara Law Association Conference Room
Important Information
It shall be possible to gain access to symposium participation conditions for those possessing a notification and to obtain information regarding participation and all necessary forms via link. 
The participants must send their individual information summaries containing 150–200 words and five key words related to the subject along with their resumes and e-mail addresses to address until October 21 at most.
Those interested in participation in the symposium  shall fill out and submit the participation form provided at the aforementioned web site until Friday, October 21, 2011.
An e-book shall be created from works subject to the symposium. 
The information provided in the symposium shall be evaluated and those who have submitted the best ones will be awarded.
Important dates regarding Symposium: 
• Final application date to submit a summary of the documents: Friday, October 21, 2011
• Final date to submit complete texts of the documents: Friday, November 18, 2011
• Symposium Date: November 25-26, 2011
Accommodation and Transportation: 

The Symposium Organization Board shall compensate for accommodation and transportation fees of those submitting documents.
Principles regarding Writing a Complete Text for Youngsters of Law Symposium: 
Sample complete text: 
Please do not hesitate to cal to obtain details regarding the symposium.

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