Dr. Ayhan Akcan was born in 1962. After terminating the Deniz Cumhuriyet High School, he graduated from Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine. He completed his specialization in Bakırköy Neurological Disorders Hospital. Ayhan Akcan, who started his professional life as a Prison Doctor (1990-1993) depending on the Ministry of Justice, has performed works in Bakırköy Neurologic Disorders Hospital about AMATEM (Ankara Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center), “Chronic Schizophrenic Diseases” in the 35th Service and performed works on especially “depression, anxiety disorders, mourning, post-traumatic stress disorder” in the II. Neurosis Unit (1993-1998).Since 1998, he has worked as a Psychiatrist in Bakırköy Dr.Sadi Konuk Eğitim Araştırma Hastanesi.

Dr.Ayhan Akcan’s scientific works can be listed as follows: After developing the concept of “Psychotraffic” in the field of Criminal Psychiatry like Prison, Weapon, Traffic, Police, in the field of traffic police, he put in practical application the fact that thousands of drivers pass through a psycho-technical evaluation and the fact that the personnel working as a private security pass through a psychological test with the concept of “psycho-security” after having founded psychological support and treatment units in workplaces with the concept of “psycho-business” in the field of work psychology. Dr. Ayhan Akcan, the Founder and Coordinator of Bakırköy Psychiatry Treatment and Research Center (BAPAM) founded in 2001, is still following his researches in this center.

He also drew up and presented a program about social psychiatry in Radio Cumhuriyet, Radyo Kent, Medical Channel and ETV. He is still doing Progran Consultancy in Star TV.

Dr. Ayhan Akcan, who is a Board Member of Umut Foundation, has received the Fair Play Prize in the branch of Social Career in 2000 and the scientific works he has done on penalty and weapon have been rewarded nationally in lot of scientific congresses.