The World Disabled Day Celebration of Bağcılar Municipality: Practice at Shooting Range!

1 December 2010

The World Disabled Day Celebration of Bağcılar Municipality:
Practice at Shooting Range!

As a response to the press invitation dated 30 November 2010 and the effort of Umut foundation for understanding the organization purpose of this event, we received a reply saying “We organized this activity following the requests coming from our visually impaired citizens. By realizing an activity that they would not be able to perform, we would like to cause excitement. A careful Individual Disarmament follower informed the Umut foundation from this situation and also reproached: “Is this the real problem of the disabled people?” 
Even though the event which is notified to be realized under the supervision of Güneşli Police Station Directorship in December the 1st.2010 at 10.00 am, according to the press invitation, has been realized in an environment where the security measures were taken, this only is not enough to decrease the danger of the event. Umut Foundation who is fighting against individual armament for 17 years, evaluates that the public offices which should be working for the benefit of the public, organizing an activity for the use of gun which is the extreme indicator of the violence and which threatens the public health, as a disaster. 
Didn’t some of our disabled citizens considered that the responsible of their condition is the violence, firearms that they were exposed? As we tell all the time, every year 3.000 people die because of firearms. And 700 people are wounded. Even though some of the wounded people regain their health, they might be obliged to carry the signs of the event with various physical disabilities. We think that the meaning of the activity organized for causing excitement for them, must be firstly asked to these people. 
We should warn Bağcılar Municipality to make more extended evaluations while organizing an activity and to pay more attention in not victimizing once more the citizens that they are trying to satisfy. There are no acceptable causes for threating the public health while making public services. We invite all the authorities related to this object to use their loaf.
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