Prof. Dr. Mehmet Rüştü Gürkaynak

Prof.Dr.Mehmet R. Gürkaynak was born in Biga in 1938. After graduating from Robert College in 1959, Prof.Dr. Mehmet R. Gürkaynak, who graduated with a bachelor degree from Istanbul University’s Faculty of Letters in the Department of Psychology, and went on to complete a doctorate from the Department of Social Psychology from Kansas University in the USA, worked as a professor in George Mason University in USA and as a consultant in the World Bank between 1973 and 1975.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet R.Gürkaynak, who started to work as a professor in Middle East Technical University in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration after returning back to Turkey in 1975, has continued to work to this task as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Architecture. Mehmet R. Gürkaynak who performed a task as a Department Chair by returning to the Department of Political Science and Public Administration in 1983, has become a professor in 1989 and has continued its task in this department until 1998 the year he retired.

Prof.Dr.Mehmet R. Gürkaynak was one of the founders of the Middle East Technical University Development Foundation and Umut Foundation and is still the trustee of this Foundation. He presided the “European Peace and Conciliation Science Union” for six years and is continuing the Honorary Presidency of the same establishment. Prof.Dr.Mehmet R. Gürkaynak has also presided the Turkish Psychology Association.

He worked as a consultant for more than fifty foundations in the public and the private sector. He gave more than 600 trainings to a variety of institution and foundations concerning effective organization and organizational behavior; Prof.Dr.Mehmet R.Gürkaynak, who still continues its consultant and education activities, is living in Biga and works in Gürkaynak Citizenship Institute.