He was born in Istanbul in 1941.

He completed his Middle School Education in Turkey and United States of America.  He received a Political Sciences Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College (USA) in 1962 and a Political Sciences Master’s Degree from Columbia University in 1964. He started to work as an assistant in Istanbul University, Faculty of Economy, in the Political Science Desk. He became a Doctor in 1966, an Assistant Professor in 1970 and a Professor in 1976 in the same desk.  He became member of the Faculty of Political Sciences in Istanbul University in 1984 and has undertaken the Presidency of the International Relations Chair newly founded in the same faculty in 1991.

He quit his job in Istanbul University in 1993 and started to work in Koç University as Political Sciences Professor in the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Economy. He has undertaken the task of rectorship in Istanbul Bilgi University between the years 1998 and 2001. He is still a Professor in the Department of International Relations in the same University.

Prof.Dr. Ilter Turan has got English and Turkish books and articles published in the fields of Comparative Politics, Turkish Political Life, Political Behaviour, Political Culture, International Relations and Foreign Policy. In addition to his academic profession, he works in different company and foundation directorates and writes hebdomadary articles in Dünya Newspaper.