Problem of the Individual Armament Search Conference

3 September 2004 

The meeting of “Finding the Individual Arming Problem in Turkey” was held at the Istanbul Dedeman Hotel on 3 September 2004 in the Turkuaz Saloon to create a platform to reveal solutions for the problem by considering the individual arming problem in Turkey with different standpoints in a wide-ranging atmosphere.

The meeting which had aimed to undertake the individual arming problem with all aspects in a discussion platform and determining expansions and suggestions for the solution and publishing the final report was held between 14:00 – 18:00.

In the first session of the meeting, moderated by Ali Saydam from the Sabah Newspaper, Lawyer Şeref Dede about “Law on Firearm and Informing on Judging”, Police Department Deputy Director Cengiz Zeybek on “Licensed Procedure and Implementation”, Düzce Fireguns Industry Business community Association President Necati Nurten on the “Turkish Arms Industry and Approaches to Individual Arming”, Bahçeşehir University, Law School Prof. Dr. Timur Demirbaş on “Considering Individual Arming with Criminolgy Aspect” submitted their proposals.

In the second session, Cumhuriyet Newspaper Columnist Lawyer Fikret İlkiz spoke on “Firearms in Media and Reflection to Society”, Bakırköy Psychiatry Treatment and Research Centre Coordinator Dr. Ayhan AKCAN on “The Demographic and Personal features of the Ones Apply for Firearms Licenses Marmara University Medicine Faculty Medical Jurisprudence Institution Prof. Dr. Oğuz Polat on“Firearms and Mediacal Jurisprudence” and Çankaya University Law School, Philosophy and Sociology of Law Dr. Mustafa Tören on “Theoretical Approaches in Struggle with Firearms, all submitted their proposals.

The meeting ended with the speech from Nazire Dedeman, the Umut Foundation Founder President, after the discussion session.

The report of “Finding the Individual Arming Problem in Turkey” meeting will be put to our web site after analyzing of recording session of meeting.

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