Mehmet Kemal Dedeman, who was born in Kayseri in 1903, was left no choice but leaving its education by the death of his father and began the business life in his own business at very young age. After quitting his job in Kayseri Court in 1931, he forged a start again in business. This date which can be considered as a milestone For Mehmet Kemal Dedeman is accepted as the beginning of the “Dedeman” phenomenon. Mehmet Kemal initially dealt with food-contract business in Ankara and after the year 1939 he worked as a contractor in some constructions such as Istanbul, Yesilkoy, Ankara Etimesgut and Kutahya Military Airport and Kayseri Airplane Factory. In 1945, he undertook and realized the execution of road constructions among Kayseri, Kırsehir, Sivas within the scope of Thunderbolt Roads Project which was started by the government of the period. Activities in the area of mining, one of the important areas of activity for the Dedeman Group of Companies, begun 51 years ago, in 1947, again by the enterprise of Mehmet Kemal Dedeman. The operation and exportation of mines of chrome, zinc, lead and sepiolite were the first activities in this area. The first enterprise of Mehmet Kemal Dedeman in tourism sector started by the opening of Dedeman Ankara Hotel 32 years ago, in 1966. Following this date, many hotels, businesses related to entertainment and service sector and new investments were realized successively. Mehmet Kemal Dedeman who set off with his country love and belief inside continued his services to the country by the construction of educational and health facilities and related donations beside his recent investments and awarded by State Superior Service Medal. Mehmet Kemal Dedeman who died on February 12, 1998 was the Honorary Chairman of the Management Board of Dedeman Group of Companies.