Leyla Üstel Çağatay was born in Samsun in 1951. She graduated respectively from Kavaklıdere Primary School in 1962, from T.E.D Ankara College (Middle School) in 1967, from Samsun College (the High School) in 1970 and from Liege Politechnique Department of Electronics.  She received Education from London School of English - Lower Cambridge (1970-1971), Poole Technical College - Proficiency in English (1973 – 1974), Poole Technical College - Sales & Marketing (1974 – 1975), Leeds Technical College – Business Administration and Enterprise (1976 – 1977) and UTE Computer Courses (Acknowledged from the Ministry of Education) (1979–1980).

Leyla Üstel Çağatay, who started her professional life in Koç Group in 1981, has worked as a Computer System Analyst and Programmer (software), Sales and Marketing Representative, Sales and Marketing Group Leader (Tourism Sector). She worked as a Marketing Director in The Marmara Hotel in Istanbul between the years 1990 and 1991 and then worked as Sales and Marketing Director in Paradiana International-In the Representation of Germany and as a Public Relations, Project Development and Communication Consultant (1991-1998).She worked as Beykoz Villas Sales and Marketing Coordinator in Tepe Inşaat Sanayi A.Ş between the years 1994 and 2001 and as a Deputy Director General in Han Yapı Gayrimenkul İnşaat San. & Tic. A.Ş. (Company Spokeswoman, Marketing, Presentation, Journalism, Institutionnal Communication). As the owner, she’s still working in Paradiana Counselling Organization and Tourism Real Estate Development and in Hotel, Tourism Investments Consultancy.  Leyla Üstel Çağatay, who is also active in different nongovernmental organizations, has also worked as a Founding Trustee- Board of Auditors Chairwoman (2003-2008) of TED Istanbul College Foundation, in Businesswomen Association (BPW), as Greece Representative of the Turkish Exporters Council, in Winpeace (Turkish-Greek Women Peace Platform), in Samsun College Association (Founding Member),in DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board) Turkish-Greek Council Executive Board (1995-200).  Leyla Üstel Çağatay has been at the same time member of Galatasaray Rotary Club (2007-2008), Tennis Fencing Mountaineering Club (1984-2004) and is still member of Moda Maritime Club Skal Club (Tourism).  Among Leyla Üstel Çağatay’s hobbies lay activities like folklore, dance, volleyball, basketball, tennis, golf, swim.