Istanbul Bar Association, "The Effects of the unconscious and the Joint Armament Control" Panel

20 November 2000

As we are about to enter a 21st century we dream of being dominated by peace and knowledge, violence in our society continues to grow. The ‘Working Group Against Individual Arming’ group was formed with the ninth decree of the Istanbul Bar on 17 December, 1998 aims to set up a legal foundation against arming without awareness, the most important factor behind today’s violence.
Our commission believes that examining the laws and finding their deficiencies and having them applied properly are legal practitioners’ responsibilities. The commission organizes social activities and scientific studies to prevent violence and individual arming with this sense of duty. 
We should join each other in the fight against weapons and violence, which is a chronic problem for our country!
We should stub out violence and the weapons that poison our children and young people.

Our commission is willing to work with the belief that modern and civilized people can solve the biggest problems through compromise.
Having you on our side in our activities for a peaceful and compromising society will be our biggest support.

Panel Scripts
The Istanbul Bar Committee For The Fight Against Arming Conclusion Statement