Individual Disarmament in Turkey and Violence News Local Media Seminar Antalya

“Individual Disarmament and Violence News in Turkey”
12th Local Media Seminar is in Antalya…

12th Local Media Seminar on “Individual Disarmament and Violence News in Turkey" is being held on 14th October 2012, Sunday, in Dedeman Antalya Hotel. All journalists from Burdur, Isparta and Denizli are invited to seminar…
Starting from the fourth estate that is the local media, “Individual Disarmament and Violence News in Turkey” themed Local Media Seminars, Umut Foundation has launched aiming at approaching the events that have taken place because of violence and individual armament in an objective way and with criticism appropriate for job specifications, have been continuing since 2007. 12th of the seminars that have been held in Diyarbakır, Rize, Eskişehir, Hatay, Kars, Gaziantep, Konya, Muğla, İzmir, Zonguldak and Bandırma before, will be held on 14th October 2012 in Dedeman Antalya Hotel. The seminar lasts one day.
Seminar for which Friedrich Ebert Foundation has made the contribution will start on 14th October 2012 Sunday, at 10:00 with “Opening” speeches. After the opening speech of Nazire Dedeman Çağatay who is the Founding President of Umut Foundation, 1st Session will take place.
Subjects on how critical journalism is performed and ethical occupational principles of journalism and individual disarmament in terms of right to life in Turkey will be discussed in first session of the seminar titled “Critical Journalism, Violence News”. Session will end with the Q&A.
And subjects such as Gender Mainstreaming Roles in Violence News, "Human Rights" in Violence News and “Hate Speech in Media” will be discussed in 2nd session titled “Discrimination and the Liabilities of Media”. After the Q&A session, lunch time will start.
Then, subjects such as overview of media and assessment of violence news editorially will be discussed in the 3rd session titled “Violence News, Journalism Occupational Principles and Local Media”. Discussion Section in 4th Session will include the experiences, opinions and assessments from local media.
Seminar will be ended with the certificate ceremony following the general assessment by Nail Güreli, Umut Foundation Honorary Trustee and Columnist of Milliyet.
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Nazire Dedeman Çağatay’s Speech