Dr. Erdal Atabek was born in Adapazarı in 1930. His father was a teacher and his mother was a teacher. He lived his childhood in schools where his father was working as a school headmaster in the Marmara area districts. After finishing the Gaziosmanpaşa Middle School in 1948, he graduated from Kabataş boys’ high school with a first. He completed the Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1954 and has started his professional life as a Medical Doctor.Some of the services Dr. Erdaş Atabek has provided are the following: Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Physiology Institute Assistantship, Internal Medicine Specialty, psychosomatic Diseases Specialty.  

After his first article published in Milliyet Newspaper in 1965, his articles have started to be published regularly in Cumhuriyet Newspaper in 1966. Dr. Erdal Atabek had different tasks in lot of establishments. These are some of his tasks: Turkish Medical Association Presidency (1965), Specialization Commission President and Memberships in Five Year Progress Plan (1972-1978), Organization of Social Assurance and Security General Directorate (1975), Ministry of Social Security First Undersecretaryship (1976), Family Schools Founder, Manager and Educator (1980), family, youth, culture conferences in foreign countries like Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland (1986), “Communication Educator” in Müjdat Gezen Art Center (1994) and “Social Psychology Education Task” in Marmara University Faculty of Fine Letters (1996).  

Some of Dr. Erdal Atabek’s books which have been published between the years 1985 and 2005 are the followings: Alkol ve İnsan (Alcohol and Human 5th Edition), İnsan Sıcağı (Human Warm 5th Edition), Sözüm Sanadır (My words are for you 7th Edition), Kışkırtılmış Erkeklik-Bastırılmış Kadınlık (Abetted Manhood- Depressed Womanhood 25th Edition), Kuşatılmış Gençlik (Beleaguered Youth), Gençlik Duvarları Yıkıyor (The Youth Pull Down The Wall) , Kırmızı Işıkta Yürümek (Walking in the Red Light), Cinsellikten İkmale Kalmak (To fail in Sexuality), Kendi Yurdunda Sürgünsün (You’re an Expatriate in your own Country), Belki de Sensin (Maybe it is you) , Hayatımız ve Değerlerimiz (Our Lives and Our Values), Bizim Duygusal Zekamız (Our Emotional Intelligence), Çocuklar Büyükler ve Tavşanlar (Children, Elders and Rabbits) Erken Büyüyen Çocuklar (Children Growing Fast), Modern Dünyada Değişen Değerler ve Gençlik (Change of Values and Youth in the Modern World) ve Sıpa Koleje Gidiyor (The Colt Goes to College, Humor).  Dr. Erdal Atabak’s articles are still published in Cumhuriyet Newspaper. 

He’s doing “Family and Youth Consultancy” in his own private office and is continuing his conferences and private seminar works in Domestic and Foreign. In recent years, he orientated his works to the field of “family, adolescent and young people interactions within a changing social structure and values” and analyses the effects of this change on our future.