Doç. Dr. Mustafa Tören Yücel

Mustafa Tören Yücel was born in 1937. Associate Professor Musta Tören Yücel, who graduated from Ankara Faculty of Law and receives the LLM, JSD degrees from New York University Faculty of Law, has been a General Director for many years within the scope of Ministry of Justice.

After having worked as a Professor in different universities ( Ankara Social Services Academy, Bilgi University Faculty of Law, Faculty of Language, History and Geography), he is still continuing to work full time as the Department Chair of Sociology of Law and Philosophy of Law in Çankaya University Faculty of Law.

Some of the original works of art of Mustafa Tören Yücel, who took charge in Council of Europe’s crime/penalty Justice issues projects for many years, are the following: Adalet Psikolojisi (Justice Psychology 6th Edition Ank., 2007), Kriminoloji (Criminology Ist., 2004), Hukuk Sosyolojisi (Sociology of Law 4th Edition Ank., 2005), Hukuk Felsefesi (Philosophy of Law 2nd Edition 2006), Türk Ceza Siyaseti ve Kriminolojisi (Turkish Penal Politics 4th Edition TBB Ank., 2007).