Citizenship & Human Rights Training at Umut Foundation Gürkaynak Citizenship Institute

5 - 7 March 2004

Umut Foundation Gürkaynak Citizenship Institute situated in Biga gave Citizenship & Human Rights Training to a group consisting of students active in the Social Awareness Project started by Sabanci University and expected to be implemented at other universities.

The training given by an experienced team of trainers, led by Prof. Dr. İpek Gürkaynak, Trustee of the Umut Foundation was attended by students from various universities such as Sabancı, Hacettepe, Middle East Technical (ODTÜ), Denizli Pamukkale and Çanakkale 18 Mart, where the Social Awareness Project is implemented. Below are the comments of the participants Citizenship & Human Rights Training, which took place between 5-7 Mart 2004.
Feyza Tuncer - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Occupation: Student 
First of all with the training methods I learned here I believe that I will be able to give more systematic trainings with a much better flow and thus they will be clearer and more comprehensible. To be frank if I was expected to give a systematic training before this training, I would have thought that this training would only bore people. But after these three days, I saw that a systematic training did not in fact have to be like a lecture and it could be presented as an activity in which the people who are being trained are included.

Zeynep Baker - Gender: Female - Age: 23 - 
Occupation: NGO / Employee of Social Awareness Project, Sabancı University

I believe rather than providing me information, this training will enhance my point of view and enrich it by extending it. 
Beyza Yamanlar - Gender: Female - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student
My ability to deliver information was certainly enriched. It provided different methods and creative solutions. It reminded me of all the concepts in my mind.

Gender: Female - Age: 23 - Occupation: Student
I have learned about many methods and gathered a lot of information. I certainly will try to share and what I have learned with everyone and tell about it to all.  For example I will telll the Volunteers of Social Awareness Project the related topics by making use of the book and the methods.
Burcu Özoktay - Gender: Female - Age: 22 - Occupation: Student
I’ve become aware of my weak points. As well as this I have seen that some of the things ı have though was right have in fact been misleading me so much. I believe when I am implementing these in my own group, I believe that the benefits and level of success will increase with this enhancement.
Hüseyin KÜÇÜKAYDIN - Gender: Male - Age: 29 - Occupation: Assistant 
I believe that it has enriched me. I feel that I have gathered some nice ideas about guiding group activities and making use of the group dynamics. Now I think that I will be more equipped and I know what I will be doing when working with groups.  
Kerem BİLİR - Gender: Male - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student
Before I came here I did not know that citizenship had such a wide scope. I realized that matters I did not think of or even matters I sometimes thought of and said ‘what does this have to do with citizenship’ are in fact my core responsibilities. And I just want to say “if only”. If only did I have the opportunity to get this training earlier, in fact if only did I realize that I had the opportunity to take it earlier and I would have taken it earlier.

Mert ÖZSÖZ- Gender: Female - Age: 23 - Occupation: Student
As this was the first training I had and as I have been doing similar work as an amateur for the past 5 years, getting this training helped me see what I do wrong. Also it helped me gather new information and gain new skills related to sharing value. I will certainly use this information and what has been shared within the groups I work in.

Elçin UZUNAĞA - Gender: Female - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student
As a trainer learning new methods and increasing my awareness will strengthen my position.

Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Occupation: Student
Though I know these concepts and I have taken certain trainings; I did not know how to teach certain “things” when I was working with children. And know I know how to make it possible by using many techniques and methods.