Attorney Fikret Ilkiz was born in 1950. Fikret Ilkız who graduated from the Istanbul University Faculty of Law, is continuing her Attorneyship duty as registered to Istanbul Bar Association.  Fikret Ilkiz has worked as a Member of Istanbul Bar Association Review Publication Board (1992-2003), as a Founder of Istanbul Bar Association Training Education Center (SEM) and as a Member of the Executive Board and as Chief Department of SEM (Continuing Education Center) “European Convention of Human Rights and Individual Application” , as a Member of Union of Bars of Turkey Human Rights Research and Application Center Executive Board (2002-2005), as a Press Council Legal Advisor and as Secretary General’s Mandate (1992-1996), as a Lawyer in Cumhuriyet Gazetesi (newspaper) and as a Legal Advisor (1982-2004) and as an Editor in Chief responsible of Cumhuriyet Gazetesi (1997-2002).  Fikret Ilkiz is continuing his job as a Legal Advisor in NTV/CNBC-e and at the same time as the Executive Coordinator of the Actual Law Review, as a Professor in the Istanbul University Communication Faculty, as a Professor in the Anadolu University Communication Faculty, as a Professor in the Bilgi University Law and Communication Faculty and as Legal Advisor of Turkish Journalists Association.  Ilkiz is at the same time A Founding Member of the Press Council and Solidarity Foundation, the Trustee and Board Member of Umut Foundation, Founding Member of Human Rights Institution Foundation, Board Member of Turkish Criminal Law Association and Honorary Member of Turkish Journalists Association and is the owner of the Press Prize of Turkish Journalists Association 1998 Freedom.