7th Individual Disarmament Award-Winning

September 28, 2001

Film scenario about Youth and Weapons and short film contest prizes are delivered.Zeynep Heyzen Ateş and Nilüfer Ünal are appreciated for championship with their work ‘Catapult’ in the film scenario branch.As for short film branch ,Koray Budak became champion with his work ‘Faldik’.There could not be found any work worth to be prized in documentary branch.

The Champion of the Activity of Short Film Contest :
Name of the Work: Faldik

Name and Surname of the Participant: Koray Budak

Jury Members of Short Film and Short Documentary Film Contests:
Can Dündar 
A.Prof.Dr.Esra Biryıldız 
Vecdi Sayar 
Ömer Faruk Sorak 
Prof.Dr.Sami şeker 
Prof.Dr.Aydın Uğur


The Champion of the Film Scenario Contest about ‘Youth and Weapons’:
Name of the Work: CATAPULT


Writer of the Work: Zeynep Heyzen Ateş - Nilüfer Ünal (text writer)

Jury Members of Film Scenario Contest:
Prof.Dr.Ipek Gürkaynak 
Nail Güreli 
Seçil Büker 
Prof.Dr.Ilter Turan

28 Sep 2001 Individual Disarmament Day
Film Scenario Contest About ‘Young and Weapons’

Championship Prize


Setting out on the way,the family’s settling down the luggage into the car,the father’s settling down the hosehold into the car.A silent journey.They arrive at picnic area.The child is very enthusiastic.He is getting out of car alittle fearing.

A table is found,it is Sunday but there is not many people around.The mother begins to set the table with the same care in the moment of wrapping up.The father has returned to his newspaper but this time there is arrack in front of him additionaly.The child begins to look around at the surroundings with curiosity.The woman says ‘Do not go away too much’ without taking her eyes off her work.What happens if he goes away-anyway it is not our problem.The child will not go away.

While he is looking around he finds a twig in prong shape.Very innocent.The idea of making a catapult comes to his mind.He hews down the crooked sides of the twig with a stone that he has found on the ground.After finishing his work he runs to his mother to ask her whether she has an elastic band to give him or not.The mother gives him one of the elastic bands that she used for wrapping up without asking the reasons(because at this moment the father and the mother is talking about something that they are not actually interested in but as if it is their duty).With the idea of ‘it is not very thick but it will be of use’,the child fastens the elastic band to the catapult neither being very happy (but if he can find washing up gloves and cut it,it will be a more strong elastic band,he looks at the table-no,the mother has not brought washing up gloves) nor being very sad;he controls how can it be streched with the manner of a rite.

He begins to search a target around him.At this time the mother is busy with making salad stooping on the table,the father has opened an arrack in front of him,started to a monologue that we can understand from his face that he is not interested in the mother any more.From time to time the woman says ‘hmm...hmm...’:she is feeling proud of her salad.

The tip of the twig of the tree behind the mother is broken but not broken out,it is wagging in that manner.This piece of twig takes attention of the child-Can he hit the target?

He looks around perplexidly if there is any other target but his mind is in that broken tip of the twig.

He takes aim at that twig,the moment he trows the stone, the mother straightens out to look at the salad that she has prepared,the stone hits the mother’s head.The woman is bewildered,a little blood comes out of her head.She looks at the child in that manner...

Zeynep Heyzen Ateş

Nilüfer Ünal

In the last scene,we prefered coming of the stone from another target to the mother by mistake but it could have been leaping of the stone off the child’s hand in the coarse of his joking with his mother that would result in the same end.Only having intention-only intention to hit-seemed to us more proper to express what we want to say.

In spite of this,mother-father-child situation should only be utilized to constitute the conditions and never should the guilt be burdened on them.If there is a catapult it means the stone will be hit,first of all.

Everything is like a game but blood is shed in the end- this is the summary of our story...

When we started to think about the text,we decided that the best way of talking about weapon is to mention about violence in its primitive form and the more we stop at a plain spot the more it would be understandable,suitable text with what we talk about.

Classical ‘problem child-irresponsible family-bad friends’triangle has so much been used that it would not have any value and function,furthermore we thought that a completely innocent behaviour would be more proper for the nature of that sensation.When we united the game concept and this,the idea of catapult arouse.

The child should be both innocent and also he should make the catapult consciously.That is to say,yet the mother-human- is hit by accident,THROWING THE STONE SHOULD BE THE CONSCIOUS ACT OF THE CHILD.

It should be underlined that actually the father is passive in a period that this much dominant father figure is in sight.The mother should accept everything not because of the fear of being more lonely when she has already been lonely;and there should not be even a little tension because of this matter.It should be refrained attentively from affirming or looking down on the child’s behaviour.Basically,our thought is ‘if there is a catapult,a stone will be thrown’.Because and unfortunately it is not the catapult that throws the stone to the bird...

A happy morning.Inside the house.A little confusion,a little vivacity.The mother is busy with wrapping up the foods in the kitchen.The voice of the father coming from the hall: ‘Do you need help?’.He is asking this question without taking his eyes of his newspaper,he is always doing this,like an ordinary game.The woman always says ‘no’ without being sure whether her husband will come to help or no even if she says ‘yes’.The man works too much on weekdays,the woman runs about from one side to another within the house.The happy family will go on a picnic.They get prepared and go out in a very short time.