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4th Individual Disarmament Award-Winning

September 28, 1998

Main aim of Umut Foundation is to help obtaining the tightness of confidence in law government in our country and in our region.To call attention to individual armament that increases in a terrifying speed in our country,to investigate the reasons of necessity to provide a weapon,to make our citizens conscious of this this matter.

As it is known,in our country many people’s being wounded or losing their lifes because of using weapons unconsciously is among the ordinary news of our press.Individual armament not only gives harm to innocent people but also it makes illegal forces to grow strong,helps groups which are near violence to constitute.In our country,there has been precious studies of our press foundations and our press members in regard of making public opinion conscious with both their programmes and articles that they prepared and also with their personal interpretations about ‘Individual Disarmament’ in the Sep 1997-Sep 1998 period.

Precious studies performed about ‘Individual Disarmament’ in the scope of ‘1998-Role of Media in Individual Disarmament’ project of Umut Foundation have been evaluated.

Jury Members:

A scientific group with the presidence of Prof.Dr.Mehmet Gürkaynak.


1.Ali Kırca –ATV

2.Barbaros Talu _ The Director of Cine 5 Sports Service

3.Çiğdem Anat _EKO TV

4.Edip Emil Öymen _Milliyet

5.Haluk şahin _The Chief of Kanal D News Department

6.Nail Güreli _Milliyet

7.şansal Büyüka _The Director of Show TV Sports Service

8.Zülfü Livaneli _ Milliyet

9.Murat Atıl _ATV

10.Savaş Ay _ATV

11.Kürşat Başar _Yeni Yüzyıl

12.Zeynep Atikkan _Hürriyet

Individual Disarmament Prize Ceremony is performed on 28 Sep 1998 in Istanbul Dedeman Hotel.

Before the prize ceremony,it is inspected with a search conference titled as ‘Role of Media in Individual Disarmament in Individual Disarmament Day’.Nazire Dedeman,Ali Kaan Orbay,Randy Marshall,Richard Aborn,Jill Marshall Andrews participated as speakers in this search conference.

In addition,Aydın Arıcıoğlu,Edip Emil Öymen,Nail Güreli,Musa Ağacık,Aygül Özkaragöz,Ayşegül Aydoğan,Fuat Özçağatay,Zeynep Atikkan,Meltem Özdemir,Hüsnü Savaş,Tamer Yüksel,Aruz Uzun,Mehmet Ali Birand,Serpil Yılmaz,Ruhat Mengi,Pervin Kaplan,Tuncay Tarkan,Metin Münir,Funda Özkan,Savaş Ay,Fikret ılkiz,Zeki Kentel,Gönül Çınar,Veli ıbrahim Hakkıoğlu,Murat Atıl,Özlem Gürses,Murat İnceoğlu participated in this search conference.

We give thanks to all the participants.