2th Individual Disarmament award-winning

September 28, 1996

A lot of high school students fell victim to murder as the result of student dispute in 1995.Fist fights,trying to solve the conflicts with beating will begin to be regarded as ordinary,injuries and deaths by weapon will come out in the front plan if no precaution is taken.In our country where weapon is widespread this much,this contest has aimed to examine the inclination of weapon and violence which has become a life problem also among youths and it has also aimed to help making up solution proposals.

Jury Members:

• Prof.Dr. Cahit Can Ankara

• A.Prof.Dr. Erol Çakmak Ankara

• Prof .Dr.İlter Turan Istanbul

• Prof.Dr.Mehmet Gürkaynak Ankara

• Prof.Dr. Mine Tan Ankara

• Nail Güreli Istanbul

• Özgen Acar Ankara


Mediterranean Zone - Onur Ercan - Antalya Anatolian High School
Eastern Anatolia Zone - Ahu Koçtaş -  Malatya Anatolian High School
South-Eastern Anatolian Zone - Demet Büyük - Gaziantep High School
Aegean Zone -  Çiğdem Kat - Emirdağ High School
Marmara Zone - Elvan Özsel - Bursa High School of Girls
Black Sea Zone - Serpil Kurt - Atatürk High School
Inner Anatolia Zone - Özden Gököz - Aykan College

Just about totally 172 person from 7 zones of Turkey;43 person from Inner Anatolia Zone,33 person from Marmara Zone,32 person from Blacksea Zone,19 person from Aegean Zone,10 person from South-Eastern Anatolia Zone,10 person from Eastern Anatolia Zone,25 person from Mediterranean Zone participated into the contest.

Prize is given to the 7 geographical champions of inter-zones of Turkey.

Before the prize ceremony,Semih Balcıoğlu,Mehmet Ali Birand,Ferruh Doğan,Prof.Dr.İpek Gürkaynak participated into the ‘Media’s Making Violence Ordinary’ panel discussion as speakers.

Individual Disarmament Prize Ceremony is performed in Istanbul Dedeman Hotel on 28 Sep 1996.

We give thanks to all the participants.