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1th Individual Disarmament award-winning

September 28, 1995

Keeping weapon in stock is not the reason but the result.Prize is directed towards the examination of the reasons of this result.Keeping individual arm in stock is increasing rapidly in Turkey,the necessity of keeping weapon in stock of important part of our young and adult population is arising when other firearms and near to this arms are added to weapon.We know that however weapon is kept in stock for the aim of defence, ‘a man with an hammer at his hand searches for an area to hammer’;and this is frightening.Our expectation is to prevent the development of violence,vulgar force by examining the reasons of this social development,to help strenghtenment of law government.This contest which is in quality of scientific examination/investigation is concluded on 28 Sep 1995.

Jury Members:

• Prof.Dr. Cahit Can The Faculty of Economic and Administrative Science of Bilkent University
• A.Prof.Dr. Erol Çakmak International Relationships Department of Koç University
• Prof .Dr.İlter Turan Science of Politics and Public Management Department of ODTÜ
• Prof.Dr.Mehmet Gürkaynak The Faculty of Education Sciences of Ankara University
• Prof.Dr. Mine Tan The President of Association of Journalists of Turkey
• Nail Güreli Cumhuriyet
• Özgen Acar Law Faculty of Ankara University


Ali Yılmaz_ Investigation Magistrate of General Directorate of International Law and Foreign Relationships of Ministry of Justice.

The work is appeciated.

The Prize Ceremony of Individual Disarmament is performed on 28 Sep 1995 at the building in Ankara which was the first centre of Umut Foundation.

We give thanks to all the participants.