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16th Individual Disarmament Award-Winning Contest

 16. Individual Disarmament Day Award Ceremony
Umut foundation Awards are presented to their owners!

This year, in the “16th. Individual Disarmament Day Prize competition” Award ceremony night designated about “Awareness of Citizenship and prevention of discrimination" Scientific Research and Examination, organized in Dedeman Istanbul Hotel, are presented to their owners.

In the 28 September Individual Disarmament Day organized by Umut Foundation, for drawing attention to the importance of the individual disarmament and to enforce the social association about this matter, following the “Walk of the Silent Shoes” activity the 16th.Individual Disarmament Day Award Ceremony and photograph exhibition are realized.

Following the Award ceremony where Nazire Dedeman, the Founding President of Umut Foundation made the opening statement, the deputy governor of İstanbul, Ali Bakoğlu has also made a speech.

Nazire Dedeman said that, “Our longing for individual disarmament gets bigger every day. Because this problem threatens the “right to live” of all citizens. To create sensitivity in the society about this matter and to develop different approaches I want to emphasize the importance of 28 September Individual Disarmament Day. As from today in our country there is approximately 8 million firearms, being approximately 2,5 million licensed. If we count the families of the gun holders, approximately 40 million people are available to access to the guns anytime. Every year, an average of 3,000 of our citizens lose their lives by means of firearms. If we think about the ones who are left behind, every year at least 15 thousand people are victim of the individual armament. The victimhood is profound, for this reason the fight is the responsibility of ach citizen and the fight of the Umut foundation will continue…”

Also, Dedeman emphasized what should be done to realize serious improvement in individual disarmament, stated the importance of the organization of the Law on Guns in accordance with today’s conditions, by taking our “right to live” under guarantee, complicating the individual armament and providing a high level of supervision.

This year the Individual Disarmament Day 16thTraditional prize competition is realized on Scientific Research and examination section on "Awareness of Citizenship and prevention of discrimination”.

The selection committee members of the prize competition aiming, the prevention of discrimination principle and drawing attention to the real or potential conflicting qualities of the discrimination, prevention of violence, examination of the social life with a interdisciplinary approach about hate speech, racism, anger, fear of crime, prevention of fear, the part of the media and culture industry, gun and individual disarmament matters and being a mediator for the presentation of solution propositions: Dr. Erdal Atabek (Doctor, Writer), Ragıp Duran Prof.), Associate Prof. Bülent Şam (Forensic Science expert), Prof. Dr. Timur Demirbaş (Lawyer, Umut Foundation Board of Management Member),Prof. Dr. Durmuş Tezcan (Instructor of Penalty and Law on Criminal Procedure), Prof. Dr. İsmail Tufan Ayhan Akcan (Psychiatrist , Member of Umut Foundation Board) Av. Fikret İlkiz ( Umut Foundation Trustee and Member of Umut Foundation Board) and Nazire Dedeman (Umut Foundation Founding President)(Gerontologist, Akdeniz Üniversitesi Associate Professor) Dr.(Journalist), Prof.Dr. Yasemin İnceoğlu (Assistant Professor in Galatasaray University Communication Faculty ), Prof.Dr. Nilüfer Narlı (Sociologist, Bahçeşehir University Assist.

As a result of the evaluation realized between the 13 works of 16 participants the prizes determined are stated:

First Winner:Doç. Dr. İrfan Kalaycı “Kadına Karşı Şiddet ve Ayrımcılık Sorunsalı (The Problematic on Violence Against Women and Discrimination): ‘Feminist iktisat’ Açısından Bir İnceleme - Türkiye için Önlemler ve Öneriler” (Review On Feminist Eonomy – Precautions and Propositions for Turkey)  

Second Winner:Aslı Ünal “Liseli Gençlerin Suça Eğiliminde Aile, Okul Ve Akran Grubu Etkisinin Sosyal Kontrol Teorisi Bağlamında Değerlendirilmesi : (Evaluation of the Effect of Family, School and Coequal in tentation of the high school student in the context of social control theory): Ankara Example”

Third Winner:Özlem Çolak “Eşcinsellere Yönelik Nefret Suçları Ve Toplumun Bu Suçlar Dahilinde Faile ve Mağdura Yönelik Tutumları” (Hate Crimes Against Homosexuals And the Attitude of the society against the criminal and the victim within these crimes)

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