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15th Individual Disarmament Award-Winnin

15th Individual Disarmament Award Ceremony
Umut Foundation Awards found their owners!

At the award ceremony held at Dedeman Istanbul Hotel of the “15th Individual Disarmament Day Prize Contest” organized in the “Photography” branch this year, pieces in black-white and colored photo categories that were awarded and deemed worth for exhibition were announced. Awards found their owners…

 At September 28th Individual Disarmament Day held by Umut Foundation to draw attention to the importance of individual disarmament and to strengthen social cooperation in this matter, the “March of Silent Shoes” activity was followed by 15th Individual Disarmament Day Award Ceremony and Photograph Exhibition.

At the Award Ceremony, where Umut Foundation’s Founding President Nazire Dedeman made the opening speech, Istanbul Governor Muammer Güler also made a speech after Mrs. Dedeman.

Nazire Dedeman spoke as follows: “Our longing for individual disarmament increases each passing day, because this problem threatens all citizens’ “right to live”. I would like to stress out that September 28th Individual Disarmament Day is important in terms of raising social awareness on this matter and providing the development of various approaches. There is a total of about 8 million firearms in our country as of today, about 2.5 million of which are licensed. If we include the families of arms owners, about 40 million people can access weapons at any moment. An average of 3,000 of our citizens lose their lives because of firearms. If we think of those left behind, at least 15,000 people are the victims of individual armament every year. Victimhood is great; therefore, fight against firearms is every citizen’s responsibility and Umut Foundation will keep fighting…”

Moreover, Mrs. Dedeman explained what can be done to take serious steps regarding individual disarmament and stressed out that it is extremely important that the Firearms Law should be enacted in a way that it is applicable under present conditions, assures our “right to live”, makes individual armament difficult and provides control at maximum level.

The Contest, supported by TFSF (Turkish Art Photography Federation) with the reference no: 2009/17, was held under 2 different categories, “Black-White Photographs” and “Colored Photographs”.

The Jury of the Contest, which aims to draw attention to the social dimension of individual disarmament by benefiting from the sociological indicators of “Photography” in social life, as well as its strength and opportunities in social communication, was constituted by the following people: Merih Akoğul (Photograph Artist, Academician at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University)Coşkun Aral(Photograph Artist), Ayhan Aydın (Photograph Artist, Member of Istanbul Photography and Cinema Amateurs Club, Academician at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University), Haluk Çobanoğlu (Documentary Photographer, Academician at Bahçeşehir University), Nazire Dedeman (Founding President of Umut Foundation), Nail Güreli (Honorary Trustee of Umut Foundation and Author of Milliyet Newspaper), İzzet Keribar (E.Fiap-Excellent Artist of the International Photographic Society), Prof. Dr. Nurçay Türkoğlu(Academician of the Communication Faculty at Marmara University) and Nadir Ede (Photograph Artist).

Award-winners were announced as a result of the evaluation made among 354 pieces of 108 participants:

Grand Award in the category of Colored Photo: Selami Özsoy

Second Award in the category of Colored Photo: Tacettin Yüksel

Third Award in the category of Colored Photo: Edip Kuzey Akten

Jury Special Award in the category of Colored Photo: Serkan Turaç


Grand Award in the category of Black-White Photo: Arif Tanju Korkmaz

Second Award in the category of Black-White Photo: Zeki Yavuzak

Third Award in the category of Black-White Photo: Mustafa Gezer


In addition, 47 photos were deemed worth for exhibition.

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