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14th Individual Disarmament Award-Winnin

14th Individual Disarmament Day Award Ceremony
The Umut Foundation Awards found its owners

Nazire Dedeman: “We think that the official recognition of the September 28th Individual Disarmament Day in our country is important and necessary in terms of changing the cultural perception of individual armament in our society and the social mentality in this issue.”

Umut foundation organized “The March of Silent Shoes” followed by “14th Individual Disarmament Day Award Ceremony” on September 28th Individual Disarmament Day in order to attract attention to the importance of individual disarmament and to strengthen the social togetherness in this subject.
Within the scope of the activities in which the Founding President of Umut Foundation Nazire Dedeman made her opening speech, “Individual Disarmament: Entitle Life” News Contest Award Ceremony has been organized at Lutfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre after “The March of Silent Shoes” organized at Taksim Square. After Nazire Dedeman’s speech, Turkish State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister made a speech.

Dedeman emphasized on her speech the importance of recognizing officially September 28th Individual Disarmament day in order to take serious steps concerning this issue. She also gave information about the scope and content of the news contest.
Individual Disarmament Awards, organized the 14th time on the category “News” this year, found its owners through the ceremony at Lutfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Centre.
All “news” related to events occurred in the society with tools defined as weapon in the law were evaluated within the scope of this year’s contest. The contest has been organized in four different categories which are “Newspaper News Article”, “Television News Item”, “Radio News Item” and “Internet Newspaper News Article”. In addition to professional journalists, “Encouragement Award for Young Journalists Awards” has been given to young journalists on the contest.

Nail Güreli presided the contest Jury composed of Dean of Communication Faculty, Galatasaray University Prof. Dr. Özden Cankaya, Founding President of Umut Foundation Nazire Dedeman, General Manager of Channel B Osman Nahit Duru, President of the Turkish Journalists’ Association Orhan Erinç, Umut Foundation’s Honorary Trustee and Milliyet Newspaper’s columnist Nail Güreli, Umut Foundation’s Trustee and Management Board’s Member Att. Fikret İlkiz, Chairman of the Journalists’ Union of Turkey Ercan İpekçi, Editor-in-Chief of Açık Radyo Ömer Madra, Editor of Bianet’s Freedom of Expression Erol Önderoğlu, Producer and Presenter of  360 Degrees, CNN TÜRK’s Main News Bulletin Şirin Payzın, Editor of Cumhuriyet Newspaper Mehmet Sucu, Head of Discipline of Communication Sciences of  Communication Department, Marmara University Prof. Dr. Nurçay Türkoğlu and Chief Editor of Doğuş Media Group’s Radios Ahmet Yeşiltepe.

The Jury took into consideration criteria such as the news’ discourse, the news’ quality, its influence over the viewers – listeners – readers, the usage of the language and visual…
In consequence of the evaluations, the awards have been declared:
The WINNER on NEWSPAPER news article category
Ercan Sarıkaya and Güngör Karakuş 
(The news published on January 23th, 2008 on Sabah Newspaper entitled “Yer Gök Kurusıkı” (Blank Cartridges Everywhere))
The SPECIAL AWARD on NEWSPAPER news article category
Arif Arslan 
(The news published on May 15th, 2008 on Milliyet Newspaper entitled “Mumcu Halay Çekti, Silahlar Susmadı. Yorumsuz! (G-3’lü Düğünde 2 Tutuklama)” (Mumcu Danced The Halay, The Guns Didn’t Stop Firing. No Comment! (2 Detentions At The Wedding with G-3)))

The MENTION AWARD on TELEVISION news item category
Erhan Esen and Ersin Esen 
(The news entitled “Zafer Kutlamalarında Silahlar Susmadı – Maç Sonrası Maganda Kurşunuyla İnsanlar Yaralandı” (Guns didn’t Stop Firing At The Victory Celebration) and broadcasted CNTV, TGRT, Channel D, Star TV, Show TV, ATV, FOX, Channel 1 channels on June 20th and 21th, 2008)

The WINNER on Radio news item category
Sevan Kazancı and Sinem Tok 
(The news entitled “Bireysel Silahsızlanma” (Individual Disarmament) and broadcasted on NTV Radio)
The WINNER on INTERNET newspaper news article category
Tolga Korkut 
(The news entitled “Silahsız Çocuklar Yetiştirmek Mümkün” (It is Possible to Raise Unarmed Children) at Bianet on September 10th, 2008)

Encouragement AWARD For Young Journalists on NEWSPAPER news article category
Aytekin Atasoyu 
(The news entitled “Erzurumlular Bireysel Silahlanmaya Nasıl Bakıyor” (How do Erzurum People look to Individual Armament) published on “İletişim Newspaper” of Ataturk University Communication Faculty)

Encouragement MENTION AWARD For Young Journalists on NEWSPAPER news article category
Ömer Kocaman 
(The news entitled “Kurşun Adres Sormuyor” (Bullet Doesn’t Ask for Direction) published on CRT Newspaper)
Encouragement AWARD For Young Journalists on Radio news item category
Mert Talat Dilekçioğlu 
(The news entitled “Silahların Zaferi” (The Guns’ Victory) and broadcasted at “Radio Ilef” of Ankara University Radio)

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