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13th Individual Disarmament award-winning


Umut Foundation
 “Personal Disarmament Awards” were handed out 
The winners of the cartoon contest themed “Personal Disarmament: Entitle life” organized by Umut Foundation were announced on September the 28th Personal Disarmament Day

Umut Foundation, to emphasize the importance of personal disarmament and strengthen the social union gathered together for this purpose, organized “The March of Silent Shoes” event and the “13th Personal Disarmament Awards Ceremony” on September the 28th Personal Disarmament Day.

As part of the events where Nazire Dedeman, Founding President Umut Foundation, made the opening speech “The March of Silent Shoes” was realized at Taksim Square. Following this speech of Ahmet Misbah Demircan, Head of Beyoğlu Municipality as a supporter of this event the award ceremony of the 13th Personal Disarmament Awards, the cartoon contest themed “Personal Disarmament: Entitle life”, took place at Lütfi Kırdar Kongress and Exhibition Center. During the ceremony, Cumhur Güven Taşbaşı, Deputy Governor of Istanbul also gave a speech and Süleyman Erdoğan, Head Official of Haymana District and Halil Yılmaz, Police Chief of Osmaniye Province were presented acknowledgement plaquettes for the successful work they carried out in 2007 in terms of personal disarmament. 


“Personal Disarmament: Entitle life” cartoon exhibition is at  
Lütfi Kırdar...

The following members were on the selection panel of the contest for two age groups, under and above 18: Dr. Ayhan Akcan (Umut Foundation Board Member, Nazire Dedeman (Umut Foundation Founding President), Dr. Kadir Doğruer (Caricaturist), Bedri Koraman (Caricaturist), Salih Memecan (Caricaturist), Metin Peker (Caricaturist), Metin Üstündağ (Caricaturist), ve Tonguç Yaşar (Caricaturist),


In above 18 Category                            In under 18 Category     

Winner          : Burak Ergin                     Winner          : Cef Inselberg

Runner-up     : Ekrem Borazan                Runner-up     : Gurur Birsin

Third Place     : Önder Önerbay               Third Place     : Deniz Yavuz


In “above 18 category”, Ahmet Öztürklevent, Cumhur Gazioğlu, Mahmut Akgün, Musa Gümüş ve Ümit Müfit Dinçay; and in “under 18” category, Kerem Altınsoy, Ömer Faruk Uslu, Taha Kuşçulu, Tarık Akyol ve Zehra Gülen Turan received honorable mention.

“Personal Disarmament: Entitle life” cartoon exhibition can be visited between September 28th and October 8th 2007 in Haliç Lounge at Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center.

September the 28th Personal Disarmament Day activities took place in collaboration with Governorship of Istanbul and Beyoğlu Municipality and with the support of İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ENBE Orchestra, Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center and Etica Communication and Consultancy.



Umut Foundation

The Foundation was established for the purpose of helping to raise our youth, who are the warranty of our future, as modern and responsible citizens, who favor peaceful, non-violent means in resolving their conflicts and problems, who can create peaceful environments, who internalize the supremacy of law and have a strong sense of justice.

Umut Foundation, in line with its goals, traditionally organizes contests themed “Personal Disarmament: Entitle life” in fields such as sculpture, news, cartoon and short film each year, gives training on “How to be a citizen” and carries out academic studies.

Umut Foundation is a member of IANSA (International Action Network on Small Arms)and it is one of the five non-governmental organizations in our country which holds “consultant” status to United Nations Economic and Social Council.

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