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12th Individual Disarmament award-winning

Umut Foundation Awards handed out

Awards given to the winners of the local film contest organised by the Umut Foundation: 
“Personal disarmament; carry the right to life”

The Umut Foundation, which has taken so many important steps on the issue of personal disarmament, organised a series of activities in Taksim Square and at the Ataturk Cultural Centre on Personal Disarmament Day on 28 September.

the Founding President of the Umut Foundation, Nazire Dedeman started the day’s activities with a speech which was followed by the “March of Silent Shoes” in Taksim Square, and later an awards ceremony at the Ataturk Cultural Centre, where awards were given to participants in the local film contest “Personal Disarmament: Carrying the right to life”. The activities, which were carried out in cooperation with the Istanbul Governorship, the leadership of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Beyoğlu Council, were attended by leading bureaucrats.

At 11.55 on Thursday, 28 September, those against personal armament, thinking people and those whose lives have been hurt by personal armament protested against personal armament by taking part in the “March of Silent Shoes” with the accompaniment of the Semaver band and Percussion in Taksim Square, placing a pair of shoes or a flower on a red carpet. Following the event, the agenda moved the Ataturk Cultural Centre where awards were given for each of the 12 categories of films in this years film contest on personal disarmament.

Mithat Bereket, Nazire Dedeman, Can Dündar, Uğur Kutay, Sezgin Türk, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Ulutak and Mustafa Ünlü sat on the judges’ panel, which was led by Ümit Kıvanç. The award of highest honour went to the film “so-called disarmament”, directed by Başak Özbek, which won first place. Meltem Cemiloğlu’s film, “(Not) Arming” won the award for second place, followed by Ş. Doğan Lehimler’s “Personal Armament” film. A top prize of YTL 2,500 was given, with YTL 1,500 to the second place runner up and YTL 1,000 to the third place runner up. A separate appreciation award for corporate Sensitivity was also given to BP Turkey for its film on “the shadow of weapons”, to be shown at its petrol stations with the purpose of educating its staff.


Umut Foundation

The Foundation was founded with the aim of contributing towards building a society of responsible and modern people who have a developed awareness of justice and who believe in the supremacy of the law, who can spread a culture of peace and who can work towards finding ways of solving problems which do not involve violence. As part of working towards the Umut Foundation’s aims, various contests are carried out in different branches –statues, photographs, news, cartoons and short films each year under the heading of “Personal Disarmament: Carry the Right to life” with awards for the winners, while education  “To be a Responsible Citizen…” is provided and academic work is published. Thanks to the Umut Foundation’s established efforts,  it has been appointed as a “consultant” to the Social and Economic Council at the United Nations. The Foundation is proud to be one of only five NGOs in Turkey to carry this status.

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