"The Third European Conference On the Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation"

12-16 October, 1996, Varna, Bulgaria

In the closing of the second BUBSAK, Umut Foundation has undertaken to realize the future projects of this organization which was in a process of development. The first of them was to establish the regulations of BUBSAK, second one to determine the place and direct the organization of the conference to be held in 1996, the third one was to publish a news bulletin in order to maintain communication between members and last of them was to speed up the information flow between persons and individuals interested in the subject allowing them to use the computer network that the Umut Foundation has established.

* Determination of The Place of Third Conference

In accordance with the decisions taken in the second meeting, Umut Foundation has started to determine the organizations which had the infrastructure to realize this conference by contacting the relevant organizations in East European countries. As a result of talks with the organizations demanding to realize this conference in Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, it was believed that the Open Education Center in Bulgaria would be able to undertake this duty. Open Education Center which is a sub-unit of Open Society Fund spending efforts similar to those of Umut Foundation and is quiet successful in these efforts.

In the visit made by authorized persons of Umut Foundation, together with Open Education Center officers, the places and the facilities for this conference have been searched and Varna has been chosen as the place of this conference.

* News Bulletin and Computer Network

‘Umut Foundation News Bulletin’ has been published in order to promote the conference and its content and to maintain participation. With this bulletin which will be published four times a year and the current computer network (Internet) in the headquarters of Umut Foundation, BUBSAK is strengthening its communication.