"The First European Conference On the Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation"

24-27 April, 1992, Antalya, Hotel Dedeman, Turkey

Leadership of Umut Foundation in the organization of “European Conference for the Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation(BUBSAK)”

“The First European Conference On the Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation” 
24-27 April, 1992 Antalya,
Hotel Dedeman

Although there were many individuals and organizations dealing with the science and art of reconciliation in European countries, these studies were independent from each other since the year 1992. The need for organization was obvious but the Europeans were hesitating to take the first step because of lack of finance and the difficulty of establishing such a structure. In a meeting held in Canada in 1990, Prof. Dr. Mehmet R. Gürkaynak has undertaken to organize the first European Conference with the financial support of Dedeman Group.

First of all, efforts has been spent to determine and find the individuals and organizations dealing with reconciliation methods in Europe in order to maintain organization. In 1991, over a thousand correspondences were made and addresses were gathered. This way, potential member infrastructure of the organization and the conference was determined. The results of this effort were gathered in a book named ‘Who is Who in Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation in Europe’. With this database, the conference was promoted in Europe and the participants have been determined.

As a result of these efforts, ‘The European Conference for the Science and Art of Peace and Reconciliation’ was held in Antalya Dedeman Hotel between 24-27 September 1992. 350 scientists from 27 countries of whom 250 were foreign-nationals have participated in this meeting.

The most important subject of the meeting’s agenda was the issue of establishing a communication network in the field of reconciliation. This issue was discussed in the meeting between groups and Turkey (Umut Foundation with its current status) was chosen as the center of this network. It was decided that another same kind of meeting to be held in San Sebastian in Spain in 1994.

In addition to different reconciliation education seminars, the other issues discussed in the meeting were; psychological side of negotiations, the importance of reconciliation centers in lessening the burden on Courts, democracy and reconciliation, meting of prejudice in intercultural relations and the process of reconciliation, scientific developments in conciliation, Black Sea Region Economic Cooperation end reconciliation methods, development of negotiating styles, ethnic violence and reconciliation methods, intercultural differences in reconciliation methods, and the place of reconciliation methods in the realization of the European Community.