"Personal Disarmament: Entitle Life" Cartoon Contest Cartoons

1. Edition
September 2007
160 Pages

“Personal Disarmament: Entitle Life” Cartoon Contest Cartoons
Personal Disarmament Award
“Personal Disarmament: Entitle Life” Cartoon Contest

The aim of “Personal Disarmament: Entitle Life” Cartoon Contest is to investigate the possible causes, consequences and dangers of personal armament  by using all means provided by the cartoon art and to make the public conscious about this matter.
This contest open to all local amateur and professional cartoonists was carried out in two categories –and “over 18s”. In “over 18s” category, 155 people applied to the contest with 313 cartoons. The ages of our cartoonists from 36 different provinces are between 19 and 80. ”. In “under 18s” category 110 people took part in the contest with 155 cartoons. The ages of our young cartoonist taking part in the contest from 22 different provinces vary between 8 and 18.

On 5 September 2007, the Works of art were evaluated by the Selection Panel at Dedeman İstanbul Hotel and the winners were determined.  

The Award Ceremony took place on September the 28th Personal Disarmament Day at Lütfi Kırdar Congress and Exhibition Center and 116 works were exhibited for one week.  

The 100 works of art to be published in this album and to be put on display in exhibitions were additionally nominated by the Selection Panel. We are publishing the names of all the artists taking part in the contest the Works of whom we were not able to exhibit and we are thanking all of them.  


Cartoons are a branch of art, which tell about the social problems we encounter in a humorous way and with a universal perspective and ingrain the problem in our memories by clearly satirizing the matter. Cartoons are at the same time incredibly effective communication tools, which can express the issue they deal with in an extremely simple and apparent way. 

Umut Foundation’s traditional award contests taking place every year since 1993, aim to draw attention to personal disarmament, the right of human-beings to live, different approaches to the violence issue becoming more an more common in our society and among young people, the usage of various art branches and methods of expression in social communication related to this issue and the “Personal Armament” issue which constitutes a great obstacle against the right to live. Without a doubt cartoons have a very important role in helping to create the social conscience in terms of personal disarmament. 

Guns do not protect; they kill.  People easily turn to guns in case of clashes and at the same time guns are used to express joy and happiness in celebrations such as weddings, engagement, henna nights and circumcision ceremonies. Whereas guns may not be used as a medium of communication, they are just deadly tools. We should object to guns as they are a threat to human lives and they bring about unutterable grief and unhappiness and all cultural pre-acceptances should be omitted. 

The mankind who has invented firearms and is using them can use his incredible intelligence for inventing sophisticated methods which would bring about peace and reconciliation. This is necessary in order to provide young people and our children, who are the guarantee of our future tranquil, peaceful, society ruled by the supremacy of law and dominated by justice. This is the duty of all the citizens living in our country and all the institutions forming the social structure. 

I sincerely thank all participants in our  XIIIth Personal Disarmament Award Contest in cartoon branch this year, distinguished members of the Selection Panel and all those who have contributed. I would like to congratulate the winning contestants from the bottom of my heart. 
With hope for tomorrow,

Nazire Dedeman
Founding President of the Umut Foundation