"Individual Disarmament: Give Right to Lives" Photograph Competition

1. Edition
September 2009
92 Pages

                                         Individual Disarmament Award
         “Individual Disarmament: Give Right to Lives” Photograph Competition

“Individual Disarmament: Aim of the “Give Right to Lives” Photograph Competition is to attract the attention to the social aspect of the individual disarmament by benefiting from the sociological indicators of photograph in social life, its power in communication and facilities. It is aimed to present a message to the society with the peaceful images of individual disarmament, that thought-provoking, determining, emphasizing images regarding the individual armament could be away from violence language, peace can start among two people and disseminate to the society.

The competition that is open to all amateur and professional photograph followers and photographers is organized in 2 categories as “Black & white” and “Color”. Being 108 participants in both categories, 129 participants in black and White category and 225 participants in Color category, totally 354 photograph took place in our competition. 

Works had been submitted to the evaluation of Selection Council and winners were determined. The works worth to be displayed had been separately determined.

Award Ceremony had been organized in Dedeman İstanbul Hotel on the September 28th, Individual Disarmament Day. 53 works had been displayed among which 7 of them are award-winners.

In order to take place in this catalogue and exhibitions to be organized, together with 7 award-winners, 46 works had been determined by the Selection Council. Here we are publishing the names of all participants and thank all of them.


Photograph is one of the communication means, which describe people’s situations in daily life the most effective way by recording them with the richness of human eye and vision style. It also shows us the different points of view, situations and realities that we can not see although we always look at them. In the catalogue in your hand, the things which this communication tool and recorded moments show us regarding individual disarmament encourage us to think on the forms of violence in our daily lives.

Umut Foundation’s traditional award contests taking place every year since 1993, aim to draw attention to personal disarmament, the right of human-beings to live, different approaches to the violence issue becoming more an more common in our society and among young people. The usage of various art branches and methods of expression in social communication related to this issue and the “Personal Armament” issue which constitutes a great obstacle against the right to live. This year, Umut Foundation that organizes awarded competitions in order to attract the attentions to the individual disarmament, organized the 15th of these competitions in the field of “Photograph”. Photograph is realizing a very important function by serving to the development of a social awareness on individual disarmament and peace.

Individual armament is the most extreme point of violence. Gun only functions to end a human life and to kill. Contrary to the common saying to defend it, the gun does not ensure the safety. Various studies showed us that, keeping a gun at home increases the risk of family members being killed by 41%. When anger unrestraint combines with individual armament, it causes irrevocable situations, murders and wounding cases caused by a one minute anger. Therefore, being armed invites the death and wounding and brings mutual unjust treatment. 

In our country, because of the common armament of the civilians, by murders, wounding cases and suicides committed by firearms besides the accidents happened at weddings, henna nights, engagement ceremonies, after matches or soldier farewells, many of our citizens ate killed, wounded or become disabled. 

In fact, celebration is not made by guns… Guns do not protect.. The gun only kills! 

In our struggle against individual armament, we always highlighted the following: The human who created the violence may also create the peace. When the humanbeing developed the primitive gun to survive, he can not estimate that he would pay for it in such a way…

The mankind who has invented firearms and is using them can use his incredible intelligence for inventing sophisticated methods which would bring about peace and reconciliation This is necessary in order to provide young people and our children, who are the guarantee of our future tranquil, peaceful, society ruled by the supremacy of law and dominated by justice. This is the duty of all the citizens living in our country and all the institutions forming the social structure.  

I sincerely thank all participants in our  XVth Personal Disarmament Award Contest in photography branch this year, distinguished members of the Selection Panel and all those who have contributed. I would like to congratulate the winning contestants from the bottom of my heart.

To hopeful tomorrows,
Founding President