"I am a human being -I’m an individual -I’m a citizen" Trainer’s Training to TEGV Volunteers

19 - 21 March 2004

"I am a human being – an individual – a citizen" trainer’s training given by an experienced team of trainers, led by Prof. Dr. İpek Gürkaynak, Trustee of the Umut Foundation took place between 19 and 21 March 2004. The volunteers of Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) who took part in the trainer’s training at Umut Foundation Gürkaynak Citizenship Institute located in Biga shared their comments about the training with us:

Name & Surname: E. G.
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Occupation: Sociologist
I sure have taken a step towards becoming a trainer, because I have learned I lot of things I did not know in these 3 days.. 

Name & Surname: O. N.
Gender: Female
Age: 50
Occupation: Retired
I think that we have enhanced our knowledge a bit more and completed any missing parts. We have also refreshed our knowledge we have gathered so far.

Name & Surname: Y. K.
Gender: Female
Age: 38
Occupation: Industrial Engineer (TEGV - Çiğli Training Park- Manager)
I was very eager to come because I think this training is very effective in terms of the living skills we are trying t get children to achieve. Additionally, the training is very very pleasant training. Due to the fact that I had the chance to play this ‘role’ for the past three days, I gained various experiences. I tried to follow it more carefully, I saw that I had many more options but I definitely believe that I have taken a step towards becoming a “trainer”.. 

Name & Surname: G. Ç.
Gender: Female
Age: 42
Occupation: Training Specialist  
The taste of the previous training “still lingers” if I may say so.  I came to get this training thinking that I had so much to learn and implement. I know that the role of a trainer for adults has a heavy burden. This three-day experience is of course the first step. We will take more steps, in fact positive and strong steps. We have a long way to go. It helped me see how planning programming and aims through trainer’s eyes make the application so much easier one more time. 

Name & Surname: E. T.
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Occupation: University student 
I was very eager to come as I thoroughly enjoyed the previous training and would like to become a trainer. I tried to put myself in the shoes of a trainer and tried to assimilate his thoughts, behavior and reactions. I also had the chance to become a trainer in practice and personally try and practice it. I had the opportunity to see the most of the things, even though not all of them, a trainer should pay attention to. Most importantly, it helped me become aware that I will become a “trainer’s trainer” from now onwards.

Name & Surname: A. Ç.
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Occupation: Research Assistant
Although I took part for the first time, I believe that I have gained a lot from it.  I realized how valuable our children are for us and how we limit them and how we fit them into certain patterns.