"I am a human being -I’m an individual -I’m a citizen" Trainer’s Training to TEGV Volunteers

17 – 19 October 2003

"I am a human being – an individual – a citizen" trainer’s training taking place at Umut Foundation Gürkaynak Citizenship Institute located in Biga with the contribution of the Umut Foundation trains the volunteers of Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV). The training is being given by an experienced team of trainers, led by Prof. Dr. İpek Gürkaynak, Trustee of the Umut Foundation. The volunteers of Educational Volunteers Foundation (TEGV) who took part in the trainer’s training shared their comments about the training with us:

Didem ÇİÇEK - Gender: Female - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student
We came across a different topic and a different method in every presentation. Debates, dramas and especially the evaluations at the end of the class were useful in terms of understanding what we should be careful about. As we discussed the one to one example we were able to see what we were doing wrong and/or the areas needing improvement more clearly. The comfortable of the environment and the sincerity enabled us to ask our questions freely. I was able to get answers to the questions I had in my head.

Sezgi ÇAĞDAŞ - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Occupation: Student 
During the training I learned how we should be thinking. I mean, if education is what is intended, I became aware of the importance of its niceties and its details. I am studying at the Education Faculty but realized that I know nothing about education.

Meryem Meltem TATLIER - Gender: Female - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student 
I helped me understand how I should treat children, what could cause misunderstandings, which kind of behavior would have which kind of results and the emotional openings the topics can cause. 

Arsin DEMİR - Gender: Male - Age: 26 - Occupation: Lawyer
I am equipped with knowledge and methods on how I should stand in front of the children when I am narrating them something and how I could make their attention continuous during the class.

Sevil BÜYÜKTARAKÇI - Gender: Female - Age: 19 - Occupation: Student 
The training above all teaches how to act patiently and be tolerant. However similar the concepts may seem methods have an important role in terms of showing the small differences in-between. I learned the necessary methods in order to achieve the aims and that I myself can develop these methods further when necessary.

Neşe DALAK - Gender: Female - Age: 22 - Occupation: Student
I have improved my knowledge. I was unfamiliar with these concepts and legal rules and some of the things I knew were false.  I found out about these and corrected any false knowledge. I was not fully unfamiliar with some of the methods. But I did not know about Game-Trial and the Ring methods. I am going to make use of them both in my career and in my educational accumulation. 
Birsen BABACAN - Gender: Female - Age: 37 - Occupation: Tour Guide 
There no end to learning; getting new information from all sources is always nice and useful and it gives us power and confidence. During the Group assignments I tried to improve my skills of being able to look at myself through someone else’s eyes. Although I faced the challenge of working with groups consisting of people from different cultures, environments and ages, I saw that I managed to create a final product.

Feyza BATIMOZ - Gender: Female - Age: 24 - Occupation: Lab assistant
My soul has been filled with serenity, my mind with information and my heart with love. I have such faith that I will b e able to deliver the same thing to children. I believe that this faith will contribute a great deal towards my personal development. It is a wonderful feeling to know that I can deliver this union of hearts to children. For the first time I witnessed it closely that when there is faith the rest will follow in rapid succession. 

Bahri KIZILKAYA - Gender: Male - Age: 23 - Occupation: Student
I thoroughly experienced solidarity and collaboration among the group and the group psychology itself. It was an important experience for me. I would like to frequently take part in these activities. 
Ebru AKTAN - Gender: Female - Age: 21 - Occupation: Student
It certainly enriched me. I knew a little about using the drama method but I did not use it in lecturer with social content. I am certain now that I will use it. I learned about implementing many methods. I believe that it will be very beneficial for children and me in my future life.